Growth and Change mindset coaching for business leaders

Small Business Heart, with Big Business Mind

Do you want to strongly lead a growing company? 


You have been in business for a while and your aspirations are big and bold.  


You want your values-based company to be a legacy to pass onto the community and future generations. 

You want the confidence and knowledge to take charge of your future and accelerate growth.  

We will provide you the mindset strategies to sustainably build and steer your company through growth and change. 



We recognize that running a business is just as hard as starting it in the first place.  
An entrepreneur will face times when they need clarity to steer their business through times of change for their business or personal goals to be fulfilled.  Knowing how to approach and manage the change is integral to ensure business survival. 

Our Impact

You have started to run your own business or self-employed journey.  You have been shown and supported in the starting up phase of this journey but now face the uncertainties of variable income, mounting costs and expenses, having to manage staff or, suppliers or partners, and not knowing who or what your customers want now.  Your personal wellbeing is taking the toll of stress and frustration, from the constant struggle to juggle business, self and relationship commitments.  You have big dreams for your business - this is your passion after all - but just need help to get achieve it.  It is also a lonely journey as a business leader.  All the pressure is on you to lead - but what if you feel that don't know what you are doing? 

Our Mission

  • Teach business management and growth techniques to steer your business and leadership through times when a change is needed.

  • You can maintain a purposeful mission, balance and authenticity in your personal and professional lives whilst running a business.  We help you co-create individualized strategies to keep the business rooted in your values, intentions, and vision during a period of change.  

  • Independent businesses are failing for cultural or ‘people’ reasons, not for business reasons.  We help you to create a culture of collaboration, commitment and communication in the growing business. 

  • We help you achieve business scalability and reach, as well as focus your limited resources on the truly strategic issues.  

  • Conflicting views, poor judgment and stress increasingly plague business leaders in this competitive environment.  We help build effective dynamics in the leader or leadership group to address or prevent this.





You have made it this far. 

Take the next step.

Our unique blend of consulting and coaching have brought results to clients across many industries and life stage.  Our team are trained to International Coach Federation (ICF) standard; the gold standard in coaching, and have over 25 years combined business and management consulting experience in risk and change management, strategy and business financing.  


We will co-create the solution with you to ensure sustainable growth and change.  Knowing what to do with the knowledge and the art of applying it to your business, is the key to success.  Our service is always personal and tailored to your needs, ensuring your business retains its uniqueness. 


Cynthia Ho

Founder & Lead Coach

Cynthia is an experienced management consultant and life coach who successfully facilitates transformation for clients with clarity and deliberate choice.  Cynthia has a Masters of Business Administration from University of Western Australia, is a certified professional coach progressing toward International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation, and undertaken NGO Board Director training with Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Her knowledge of business management, change and leadership strategies has created success for individuals and companies.

Cynthia is passionate about continual life-long learning, holistic wellness and the journey of people to achieve their potential.