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Uncertainty is the recipe for success

that uncomfortable feeling may just be the sign you want.

Did we ever get taught how to be able to withstand fear and uncertainty? In our many years of schooling and exams, or meeting our performance targets at work never did building our resilience and confidence at times of uncertainty a key learning goal.

This Forbes article says 'Uncertainty is the first step of any worthwhile endeavor". Fearlessness is an emotion that has a transformative effect on your life.

“Uncertainty is the fertile ground of your life. It is the grey area in which anything is possible.”

The feeling of comfort and certainty is just an association to safety and security emotions in our past. We shy away from dis-comfort and un-certainty. Because of this we need to mindfully cultivate 'openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox' to enable us to reach the greater goals and results that we want.

“so many people perceive "success" to be synonymous with risk reduction ... It befuddles them, then, to discover that after 10 years living this kind of life, they are unfulfilled, drained, and thoroughly dissatisfied.”

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